Donald J. Trump Is A Traitor To Our Country

Hey there. My name is Jason, and I'm the guy who trolled Rudy Giuliani by purchasing the domain name that he accidentally created a hyperlink for in a Tweet. I then made a website that read: "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country." The rest is history.

The tweets that started it all.

What a wild couple of weeks that was. Every major news publication interviewed me, and I even got an indirect mention on The Late Show With Steven Colbert.

The fucking president of Mexico thinks I'm a genius. Nobody tell him.

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Here's an a recent write up I did for my trip to Encinitas, Califoria.

Encinitas, California
The air is sweet on Neptune Avenue. Blooming Star Jasmine and gnarled cacti creep through my senses as I start my ascent up the pedestrian-friendly road. A man carrying a surfboard approaches. He leaves a damp trail behind him. I give a faint wave hello, but he keeps forward, too

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