Lofi Beats To Make Spreadsheets To

Six Things Worth Sharing: The art of the spreadsheet, an old thread about the first iPhone, Kronk’s spinach puffs, and more.

Lofi Beats To Make Spreadsheets To

1. The Art of The Spreadsheet

To my fresh-faced corporate employees who recently have discovered and subsequently fallen in love with Excel: Your spreadsheets are ugly.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way. It’s true. It’s common. A poorly designed, bloated, hard-to-understand Excel report is about to hit some poor saps inbox right...now. We hate to see it.

Don’t do that to your co-workers. Learn how to design a spreadsheet properly. Here’s where to start.

Example from The Art of The Spreadsheet
Example of bad spreadsheet design from The Art of The Spreadsheet

The Elements of Style (writing), The Design of Everyday Things (design), and Save The Cat (screenwriting)— These books, most would say, are a necessity if you’re interested in their respective fields of discipline.

The Art of The Spreadsheet is the Elements of Style for spreadsheet design. I don’t know how widespread this guide is, I fear not very, but it’s a must-read if you’re designing Excel workbooks. I came across it a decade ago and had it bookmarked to this day. To my delight, it’s still live on the website.

Here are a few core concepts from the guide:

Why learn ways to hide information in Excel? Because we have many secrets, and we have a Machiavellian paranoia of losing our intellectual capital? No. We learn ways to hide information in Excel so we can audit spreadsheets written by people with a Machiavellian paranoia. Auditing a spreadsheet is about exposing information— Section 9:
Show all the information


Also, 77-Year-Old Man “Paints” Beautiful Japanese Landscapes on Excel Spreadsheets.

2. Speaking of design— Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word? (YouTube)

This guy recreated each iOS 7 app logo in Microsoft Word. It worked so well you may wonder if the original designer also used Word. Oh, that would be great.

3. Apple iPhone Now REAL!!!

I found a 14 year-old Reddit thread about the announcement of the first iPhone. Here are some of my favorite comments.

The phone looks real nice, but there's no way I'm singing a 2 year cell phone contract.— [u/organic]

Narrator: everyone signed a two year contract. Also, his name is u/organic. Not ‘organic89’ or ‘0rgan1c’. Just ‘organic’. This is an old-ass comment.

To all of mobile phone companies out there: YOU SUCK ASS!! Years and years and years of research and development gone down the drain for a simple reason..YOU SUCK ASS! HA HA HA GREEDY BASTARDS.....HA..HA....HAAAA..HOW YOU SUCK ASS! Thanks for the years of shitty phones and phone contracts may you vanish into the dust of a new dawn of human communications...iPhone baby, flawless insight, flawless design...scrolling for Christ's sake...this is how you do it!! Finally an Phone OS worth learning...man you phone companies suck..just what the hell do you do for anybody? — (deleted)

Unhinged to be sure, but they were not wrong.

Form over function triumphs again as mindless drones line up for yet another i(blah) product that is sure to fleece the majority. — [u/jayz28]


It looks great on paper and on the demo, but unless I hold one in my hands, I won't believe Apple will deliver all these features in that form factor. The technology is not mature enough to allow Apple to do this yet, especially by June. —[u/cumhur]

So many comments assuming the first iPhone would be vaporware.

It's too big and touchscreen phones are awful. I've had 3 HTC (XDA) variants and whilst they have been nice toys they have been bad phones. The problem with touchscreens is that they demand two hands. One to hold the phone and one to touch the screen. —[u/unwittingaccomplice]

I assume this dude eventually discovered his thumb, and when he did, it probably blew his mind. Mind you, he’s talking about a 4 inch screen.

Full thread here. Also, this 1987 video by Apple predicting what 2011 would look like.

4. My spinach puffs! 😭

Here’s a recipe for Kronk’s spinach puffs that he made on The Emperor’s New Groove.

Also, Disney’s Cookbook: The Cookbook On The Dishes Based On The Famous Disney Movies.

5. Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore

As we get older, music plays a different role in our lives than when we were kids. It moves to the background. We put it on when we jog or work. We make playlists for dinner parties. We ask our virtual assistants to “play something upbeat” on the way to Disco Kroger (RIP).

When we’re younger, we listen to music with our full attention. We identify and form connections with music. Music shows us how satisfying a well-written lyric can be, one that crystallizes so perfecting a new emotion inside you, one you feared perhaps, never existed in anyone before. Our identities form in genre, and we start to mimic the music that mimicked us first.

Every Noise: Find the genre Spotify assigns to any artist.

I want that again. I mean, I don’t, you know? I don’t have any burning desire to dress like 1990’s Wu-Tang (though 2021 Method Man really does get the athleisure-wear aesthetic). But I do want music to be an informing aspect of my life again. I want to lay in bed and give an album my full attention, from start to finish. This is a simple enough goal, right? I’ll keep you posted.

Some of my no-skip albums from my teenage years:

What are some of your favorite no-skip albums? Hit me up, and I’ll put your submissions in a future edition. Twitter | Instagram

Good Twitter thread: What album is a perfect 10, all the way from start to finish?

6. Lofi Beats To Make Spreadsheets To

The Lofi Girl YouTube has 9 million subs. How do I get that gig?

You can listen to live streams of music that’ll put you in a trance while you work. I listen to it when I’m designing websites or spreadsheets. It helps.

Similar channels:

Also, use The Pomodoro Technique to help you focus, in 25 minute sprints, on the task at hand.

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