Want a .pizza Apple ID email? Here’s how.

Good news: You can now reply directly to this and all Untethered future emails. I hope you do!

Want a .pizza Apple ID email? Here’s how.

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Good news: You can now reply directly to this and all Untethered future emails. I hope you do!

I used a new feature from Apple, as part of the iCloud+ rollout, that now allows us to use a custom domain for our Apple ID and iCloud email address. I created two— a new email address for untetheredblog.com and jason@cheesycrust.pizza. Since both addresses are part of my Apple ID, you can even iMessage me to them. It’s a great feature with an involved set of instructions. But have no fear, I will walk you through it so you, too, can have a weird Apple ID email address.

Also, the Hide My Email feature helps reduce spam.

When Apple first announced custom domains for iCloud+, I assumed Apple had thown its hat into the domain registry ring— they’d have us search for an available domain and purchase it on Apple.com. Apple would then flex its “It just works” muscle and set up the email behind the scenes for us. When I investigated the new feature, I was shocked to learn Apple is sending us off-campus with tech homework. It’s unApple-like to have its customers fumbling about in DNS records on a site like GoDaddy.com, but here we are.

The new custom domain process for iCloud+ feels like a revision to the gospel that made Apple a trillion-dollar company— good design, easy to use. But, it sure does speak to Apple’s sudden interest in the commercial space (Have you seen their Mac For Business push?) Email service with a custom domain can cost around $10/month per user. If you’re already paying for iCloud storage, migrating your small business’ email to Apple might be an attractive move.

The average consumer might find the idea novel enough to bear through the custom email process, but it won’t be for everyone. Perhaps we’re on a bridge, and future updates to iCloud+ will include the ability to purchase and manage custom domains through Apple. Until then, we have a clunky setup process.

So, how did I get such a remarkable iCloud email address like jason@cheesycrust.pizza? Two things are happening here:

First, .pizza, like .com or .net, is what’s called a top-level domain (TLD). When you purchase a domain (like untetheredblog.com), you’ll need to choose a TLD. For familiarity, most choose .com, but, recently, the internet gods have seen fit to expand our options. Now, there are hundreds of TLDs to choose from, including .pizza, .ninja, and .fun.

You can purchase your very own custom domain, based on whatever your mind can conjure up (so long as someone else doesn’t already own it) for as little as $5/year.

Complete list of TLDs.

The second thing at play is Apple’s recent announcement of iCloud+, which allows us, for the first time, to use an iCloud ID email that isn’t @me.com or @icloud.com. Now, we can use whatever domain and, subsequently, whichever TLD, we want. This part is easy— head over to godaddy.com and purchase an available domain. They have a search feature that makes finding one easy. Most domains are relatively cheap, at about $10-20/year, but some of the more novel TLDs fetch a higher price (.pizza is about $40/year). It all depends on what you want.

I took the liberty of gathering a few unclaimed domains for your consideration:

  • ilovepizzaandwine.com ($11.99 first year / $18.99 every year after)
  • freerange.pizza ($14.99 / 69.99)
  • thatsa.bingo ($69.99)
  • kidcrypto.money ($19.99 / 42.99)
  • cryptokid.cash ($19.99 / $42.99)
  • mrrobot.ai ($125)
  • andhoes.boats ($19.99)
  • donttalktome.coffee ($11.99)
  • theresonlyone.earth ($29.99)
  • nap.ninja ($9.99 / $24.99)
  • pond.yachts ($19.99)
  • mattress.cash ($19.99)

Once you have your shiny new custom domain, you’ll need to set it up with iCloud. I wrote out step-by-step instructions for you. Good luck, my friend. If you have any questions, you can respond to this email. I’ll try to help you the best I can. Also, if you set one up, email me with it. I’m interested to see what you chose.

Go here: Set up custom domain for your iCloud email address

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